Schedule & Prices

Trainings are Tuesday to Friday 5:30 to 8:30 pm.


1. Once a week 2 hour session(minimum training hours)$250 per term
2. Once a week 3 hour session $320 per term
3. Twice a week 2 hours sessions$450 per term
4. Three times a week 3 hours sessions $590 per term
5. Four times a week 3 hours sessions $720 per term
6. Kinder gym ones a week 1 hour session$170 per term

Siblings get 15% of the price.

If different hours are required, there will be possibility to arrange fees to individual needs.

If you miss a scheduled class, there is a possibility to do make up classes within the same term.

Please make payment within two weeks of term starting by cash or the bank transfer to the account provided on the invoice.

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